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Counselling involves talking about personal or psychological problems under the guidance and care of a professional counsellor.  I work with adults and young adults to identifying the specific problems. You can take the small steps towards resolving your issues and making progress towards a happier and more fulfilled future.
The amount of time needed solely depends on the client. This is why I allow for a free consultation, so we can identify if there is a short or long term issue.


A consultation is usually 50 minutes once a week.  Regular weekly sessions will help to provide a consistent framework for your progress; however, we will review progress regularly to ensure we are both heading in the same direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes I will address the immediate problem, although it is important to see what is behind the difficulties. So, together we will explore your behaviour and perhaps not the obvious issues but what is behind them and how did you get there. We will make a plan for your sessions using CBT or a Humanistic Integrative approach whatever is best for you.

It is common that you will lead the session but it does sometimes depend on your issues. In my experience, I have found that I might perhaps need to bring you back and focus on your difficulties. Sometimes it can be very painful to deal with the hurt. It is your choice what you bring to our sessions; however, I want you to get the most benefit from them, so sometimes I might support you in finding the right direction.

I believe my strengths are my honesty with my clients and my empathy with them. Another strength is my passion for helping clients to find a positive outlook in life and be able to explore new things that they previously found difficult.

Part of my training is to take my own personal therapy so I am aware how important is to be ready to make any changes and deal with the pain that has been built up for a very long time.

We are all different and it all depends on you how you feel about talking to, and trusting your counsellor. I am very friendly, caring and honest so hopefully this will help you to work in a warm environment that you feel relaxed in and are able to talk freely.

You are in safe hands